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Repair of tug “Alem”
Project duration
November 2020 - April 2021
The International Seaport of Turkmenbashi
repair of ship equipment, electrical equipment, ship automation and radio navigation equipment;
equipment testing and adjustment;
repair of ship fittings, main and auxiliary engines and mechanisms, shaf lines;
repair of rudder propellers, blade cleaning;
repair and survey of cooling system, pumps, towing hook, etc.
project description
In January 2020, IE "Beýik Ýüpek Ýoly" signs the contract for investment project implementation with the International Seaport of Turkmenbashi. The object of investment activity is the tug "ALEM", the service life of which became due for classification repair of the vessel. Classification repair of the vessel means scheduled repair which is performed every 5 years for the renewal of the vessel's class. Scheduled repair includes docking and is performed at the factory in order to restore its serviceable or functional state for the upcoming mean time between overhauls. The works were carried out on the territory and together with the SBSR (Ship-Building and Ship Repair) yard "Balkan". The significant range of works on the mechanical and electric, automation and control systems, radio navigation equipment have been performed by the specialists of our company. Our suppliers of spare parts and accessories as well as customs brokers delivered on board everything necessary for the repair in due time. Following the end of repair works, the tug “Alem” went through the necessary examinations made by the classification institution, affiliated company “Russian Maritime Register of Shipping in Turkmenistan”. Based on these examinations, it was decided to renew the technical class, which was previously assigned to the tug “Alem”.