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The Climbing of Elbrus
Elbrus- stratovolcano in Caucasus (5642 meters above the sea level) – the greatest mountain peak of Russia and Europe (upon lining borders of Europe and Asia along the main Caucasus range or south of there), which on the list of the World’s “Seven peaks”. Glacier melt-water, running from hillsides, flows into the headstreams of Northern Caucasus: Kuban, Malka and Baksan. Due to the highly developed transport and related infrastructures, Elbrus and its surrounding areas are very popular in recreational activities, sports, tourism and alpinism. On Elbrus saddles (5416 m), separating the Eastern (5621 m) and Western (5642 m) peaks, located the high-altitude Caucasus lodge.

Having received unforgettable emotions, the team of Great Silk Road, won over the new pitch – Elbrus.