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Welcome! Logistic Mind of Turkmenistan at Your service.


"Great Silk Road Group" can offer a wide range of Logistics service worldwide. For the moment, our Big Family consists of more than 120 employees.

Using innovation technologies, we always provide our clients with the most reliable and safest transportation option. Based on diverse and sharp mind, our employees are always ready to handle any type of inquiries and complex approach.

As of today, Great Silk Road Group represents two Turkmen Logistics companies: Beyik Yupek Yoly & Payhas Merkezi. Consortium of Turkmen companies made it possible to bring Logistics to its new heights and opened a way to “one stop shop” solution services.

Great Silk Road Group may consider extention of Consortium Membership for new participants of Turkmenistan Logistics Sector.

Don`t you think that this is real proof of logistics intelligence?





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